Get Flawless Makeup In Less Than 10 Minutes

Get Flawless Makeup In Less Than 10 Minutes

Posted by Sophia Smith on November 3, 2016
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For all us ladies who have to juggle between the office, family and social life, getting ready and looking great can be a real nightmare; but hey, it doesn’t necessarily have to be, not if you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve and learn how to spin things.

Here, I am giving you a list of life-saving tips me and my girlfriends have brainstormed; they help us keep ourselves gorgeous every day, all through the day. Take a look… Every solid look-great drill has a few steps, and so does this one:


Wash your face

Sounds too simple? It IS that simple! We’ve all gotten caught up in morning propaganda routines launched by the beauty industry that we’ve all forgotten about the most simple and effective way to keep the skin healthy – washing it with plain water.

When we wake up, the skin is thirsty for water, especially if you skimped on sleep; lack of sleep leaves skin parched which is why you need to give it a nice wash.

Wash your face with mild water in several splashes and you are good to go – the skin will “wake up” immediately!

Make your eyes sparkle

Eye drops! Hypromellose (fake tears) are a fantastic way to rehydrate dry, irritated, bloodshot eyes before bringing potentially irritating eye makeup anywhere near them. They instantly wet the eye shell and eliminate dryness that can cause pain and discomfort. No, you won’t look like you’ve been crying – the “fake tears” will disappear and your sparkle will be back. You don’t need more than four drops.

Make your eyes sparkle

Wake up your skin

Liquid foundation is the thing! The once tired looking skin will almost instantly turn fresh with a simple application of liquid makeup. Dot it in the center of your face, and blend outward.

Get peachy

Coral blush masks dullness and if you’re using cream formulas – they’ll melt into foundation quickly; you can always dab on as you brush your teeth – talk about efficiency, right?

Think ahead

If your hair is semi-clean, mist it with some texturizing spray before you go to bed and braid it. When you wake up, you’ll have fabulous waves. However, if that didn’t work and the hair is still looking unattractive, go with a braid/pony/bun – a side braid looks very professional, as do ponytails and buns.

Think ahead

Polish at work

When you do things right at home, all you need is a little detailing when you get to the office.

Add dimension

Some creamy highlighter patted onto the tops of your cheekbones and lids is going to give your face dimension and glow; the right shade will hide dullness and shadows and attract light in all the right angles. Plus, the cheekbones will look higher!

Keep it simple

Not every day is a flawless eye-makeup day, so you don’t need to get stressed over that; there’ll be days when you’ll have the time to go full-eyeshadow on your lids but when you can’t find the time, don’t force it. Instead, leave your eyelids bare or go with a single swipe of nude eyeshadow; add mascara for effect, that’s your trick! This type of natural makeup is fabulous!

Keep it simple

Experiment a bit

Mastering new makeup looks gives you confidence, sass and edge. We all could use more of that, especially those who’ve just gone through a breakup. Don’t be afraid to go with a different shade of lipstick to the one you’ve been usually wearing. Go for the sass, why not!?

Experiment a bit

If lipsticks aren’t your thing, bring out the balm. They require less precision than lipsticks do and they give the lips a very charming shine.

Don’t forget the scent

Smelling good is key. Just, don’t let yourself spritz perfume if you haven’t managed to squeeze in a shower first. Use wet wipes to freshen up and then use perfume. We’d advise you always keep a fresh, work-friendly fragrance at your desk along with mints and wet wipes; that way you won’t have to worry about forgetting to do any of it at home.

See? Nothing’s that complicated! Enjoy the process, darlings!


Author BIO: Sophia Smith is Australian based beauty and fashion blogger. She is also very passionate about yoga and organic beauty skincare. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life. 


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Get Flawless Makeup In Less Than 10 Minutes

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