Get to The Beach Quickly with These Vacay Hacks

Get to The Beach Quickly with These Vacay Hacks

Posted by Kacey on September 7, 2017
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Summer is drawing to a close, which means that you’re probably among the majority of people who are itching to get one last beach vacation in before the cool air starts to invade the shore line. It might be tough to try and figure out how to squeeze out some extra vacation days, which is why you should consider hitting the beach for an extended weekend to say goodbye to summer.

Of course, you’d never want to go to the beach alone, so bring friends along! With a few easy tips, you’ll all be on your way to the coast to enjoy some warm relaxation while you dip your toes in the ocean. Don’t worry about any vacation planning stress—there are simple ways to plan that’ll make time fly!

Use A Packing List

Unless you travel often, you probably don’t have a personalized travel list lying around anywhere. That’s why people have made travel lists available that are specific to the destination you’ll be heading to. Grab a good beach vacation packing list and check things off as you put them in your suitcase. This will give you some peace of mind while you’re on the way to the beach and give you something to do while you wait for that day to arrive.

Negotiate Your Fees

When you’re staying at the beach with your best girlfriends, you’re probably needing a place to stay that’s bigger than a normal hotel room. If that’s the case for you, there are ways to find the best deals online for a space that’ll fit your needs. Ever tried proposing your own rates to property owners when renting a house? It can save you some big money if you give it a try!

Prep for Your Burn

Once you’re at the beach, you can look forward to getting at least one sunburn. It happens to even the most avid beachgoer. Either you get too excited to get out on the sand and forget your sunscreen, or you run in the water too fast and wash it all off on accident. To help yourself and your friends out, put aloe in an ice cube tray and freeze it for later. The cool temperature will feel good on a burn, and the aloe will help heal your skin twice as fast.

Pack Individual Lunches

Dreaming of spending the whole day outside without indoor breaks for food? Packing a cooler is a great idea, but if you accidentally knock over a big bowl of fruit or a bag of sandwiches, they can all be lost to the sand and cost you more money than you have. Instead, pack lunch servings individually using Tupperware or sandwich bags. If sand gets into one of the servings, the rest are still safe.

Buy Some Baby Oil

Not for tanning, for shaving! Everyone who shaves their legs for the beach knows that once you step in that water, your legs will sting for a while until they get used to the salt. No matter how careful you are with shaving, you’ll experience this at some point on your vacation. So next time after you step out of the shower, rub some baby oil on your legs to prevent this from happening. The oil will soothe your skin and prevent any irritation from the ocean water or sunscreen.

Save Those Peanut Butter Jars

The next time that you’re finishing a jar of peanut butter, make sure to wash out that jar instead of throwing it away. Rinse it out and put the jar through the dishwasher after removing the label. If you get the big containers, it’ll be large enough to hold all your electronics and keep them safe from the sand and water!

Getting to the beach one last time before summer ends won’t be a problem if you prep enough before you leave and if you know how to think ahead once you get there. Vacation hacks can be what makes a trip worth going, so do what’s best for you and let your friends in on what they can do to help. If everyone pitches in to prepare for a weekend away, you’ll have the best vacation yet!


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Get to The Beach Quickly with These Vacay Hacks

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