The French Girl Beauty Mantras

The French Girl Beauty Mantras

Posted by Sophia Smith on February 20, 2017
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Sometimes it truly seems that French girls got the crème de la crème of life. They have effortlessly looking perfect figures, secrets to invisible yet striking makeup, a nonchalance that breathes even more air into their already overly-charming but careless personalities. French girls really look like they have it all.

In case you have always secretly wanted to be French, or you feel like you should have been born as one but fate stripped you of that destiny, stay with us and you might just discover some of the French-girl beauty and lifestyle rules that you will live and abide by.

Love Thy Skin

This is the first commandment in the French beauty book. There is a good reason that these envy-enticing girls look effortlessly striking – although contrary to popular belief, the look does entail a substantial amount of effort. French girls take good care of their skin almost religiously. This includes regular spa appointments and a bathroom cabinet filled with everything from creams and oils, to tonics and cleansers.

If you wish to follow in the footsteps of these amazing women, Thalgo products are the perfect choice. They have everything you need in order to adopt a French-girl skincare routine. And never be oblivious to the health of your lips, as chapped lips are a major no-no.

Simplicity at its Finest

When it comes to makeup, French girls know where to stop. For them, as far as makeup is concerned, less truly is more. Foundation is kept light, there is no need to cover every tiny imperfection; you are human after all, and even dark circles are nothing to get bent out of shape over. They actually add to your character.

Contouring is a word they are practically unfamiliar with as they have discovered the joy and effortlessness of strobing, which is really the only technique you need for a natural healthy look. They are also not too concerned with precision, even when there is a smoky-eye at stake. It is about the effect, not the precision.

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Finally, the lips are the focal point of a French girl’s face. In this area, you can either go bare, with just a lip balm or opt for the French staple – the mighty red lipstick, which again, does not need to be clearly and precisely drawn, so feel free to leave the lip-liner out of this conversation. For more on which girls to keep an eye on for inspiration, check out Buro247.

Nonchalance as a Life Mantra

Firstly, let us talk about fashion. These girls take fashion very seriously, but still, in a very different way. They never obsess about trends, but rather opt for classic and high-quality items that they then add a personal touch to. This attention to quality also extends to lingerie. As for hair, they might just opt to leave it exactly as it was when they rolled out of bed, because they are simply too confident to care what others think of them.

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And the nonchalance even extends into their dating life. As Vogue tells us, a Parisienne would never stress out over what to wear for a first date, and when asked about it, she would probably answer that she would wear exactly what she is wearing at the moment. Our concept of dating is foreign to them and, even when explained, they still find it strange and awkward.

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Finally, they even handle breakups better than us. They simply come to terms that the romance is no longer there, with little to no drama, and often times remain quite friendly with their former lovers.

So, now that you know the basics of how to live your life like a French girl, is it something that you would dare to try?



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The French Girl Beauty Mantras

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