Five Times A Breakup Led To Greatness

Five Times A Breakup Led To Greatness

Posted by Regina Gosney on December 1, 2015
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Once upon a time, everything was going exactly how you wanted it to. You had the perfect man. You hadn’t met online, so you didn’t have to make up some bullshit whenever someone asked how you’d met. You had met all his friends and liked them—and they even liked you; score. You had always agreed on which pizza toppings to get on the pizza order you phoned in. You had carved your guys’ initials on the park bench on the hill outside your city. You would switch off seeing each other’s families on the holidays. Everything was golden; and then it ended. You guys broke up for whatever reason, and you’re crushed. How can anything replace this? You think to yourself. Well, my dear, here are five great things that resulted from a not so great breakup.


A TV Show

When you sense something is off with your online SO, whom you’ve never met, what else would you do than make a documentary out of it, right? That’s what Nev Schulman did, anyways. Since his own catfish experience, Nev has now become the producer of the MTV show Catfish, which features other victims of catfish.


Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie was once really into Bob Billy Thorton. I mean, they were in mad love; she got a tattoo for him and everything. Then, they separated—complete heartbreak. But wait, Angelina Jolie is not doing bad at all. In fact, she’s with Brad freakin’ Pitt. So, while you may be in mad love with someone and absolutely devastated when it doesn’t work out, someone like Brad Pitt may be around the corner for you.


A Hot Bod

This guy wrote an incredible, unprecedented article about his weight-loss journey. He was devastated from his breakup, but this anger/ disappointment/ frustration/ sadness fueled his workout in a crazy powerful way. Through time, he was able to not only shed pounds and strengthen his bod, but he was able to build up emotional strength and have the power to get over his breakup. All in time.


A Grammy

Adele, Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse… these ladies have turned their heartbreak sorrow into an epic piece of art. Though you may not win a Grammy, per se, turning to art as a means of releasing your negative energy is a great option, and will likely lead to something great.


This Awesome Site

That’s right, this awesome website would not have existed if it weren’t for a breakup. Our founder, Ms. Annabel Acton, was trooping through a breakup and was left with two plane tickets she had no desire to use. If only there was a site to sell all this ex-related stuff, right? This one idea, inspired by a lousy breakup, has turned into such greatness.



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Five Times A Breakup Led To Greatness

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