Fashion Must-Haves for Multi-Taskers

Fashion Must-Haves for Multi-Taskers

Posted by Sophia Smith on May 22, 2018
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Sometimes, life is too short to spend hours rifling through our closet looking for the perfect skirt and blouse to change into for the evening birthday party after work. Add to that the struggles of not owning a walk-in closet that’s the size of an average bedroom, and you already see the limitations of owning several hundred pieces of clothing. You just want that combo to work perfectly, both for your daily hustle and your evening get-together.

However, even though a pair of animal-print leggings may not work well for this endeavor, there are several pieces of wardrobe that can style their way into any occasion, time of day, and your own mood. They are the chameleons of fashion, all perfectly equipped to tackle a cocktail evening as well as an office setting without sending you into a frenzy. Let’s take a look at these fashion multi-taskers and how you can use them to conquer any style conundrum!

The crisp white shirt


A staple of menswear as well as womenswear, this classic is a life-saver for pretty much any situation. Some occasions may prefer a form-fitting variety, but even your slightly oversized version can go exceptionally well.

Consider it your little black dress of tops, and feel free to wear it to work, to a job interview, to a meeting with your client, to a fancy dinner, a date, or a casual coffee with your besties. The best thing about it is the fact that a button-down shirt doesn’t even need that much of effort to transform into a daytime or a nighttime essential. It’s already your favorite piece, isn’t it?

The timeless leather jacket


As the favorite symbol of rebelliousness and youth, a black leather jacket instantly makes you look and feel ready for any challenge. However, the reason we picked it for this list is not just in its sassy character, but in the way it turns any outfit into an effortless ensemble.

With a right pair of heels, to which we’ll get shortly, it can go perfectly well even with an evening cocktail dress, while it’s a simple, yet effective pick for your office as well as your daily runs across the city. Too hot to put it on, but too cold to put it away? Place it over your shoulders and prepare to be amazed by its power to protect!

The white pair of jeans


A few years ago, the idea of wearing any type or color of jeans to anything resembling a business setting was unimaginable, to say the least. Nowadays, however, the borders of fashion dos and don’ts have significantly shifted to embrace a more flexible approach, and so the haute jeans have been born. However, sometimes, the classic blue denim pair may still be considered too casual, so you can wear your elegant white jeans instead, and rock them to everything from a picnic to a job interview.

With this sleek pair, all it takes is a touch up with the right statement necklace, black pumps, a classy clutch, and a black silk top, and voila! You have yourself an evening-perfect ensemble just waiting for you to flaunt it at the next client pitch.

The comfy heels


In order for heels to multitask, they will need to be comfortable, durable, and still retain its stylish effect. That means that no ordinary pair can do the job, so you’ll need to find your Cinderella shoes to fit your street-style frenzy, and be equally suitable for a fancy dinner with your superiors.

While every gal needs her black pumps, as we’ve established earlier, your go-to shoes don’t necessarily have to be these particular ones. In fact, you can go a little wild and choose an open-toed sandal in a nude shade, or a pointed-top heel with a funky pattern that stands out. With a simple choice of wardrobe, these shoes may be your perfect statement footwear that stays comfy for hours on end.

The perfect bag


You have nailed the perfect level of elegance for both day and night, but what to do with the massive tote you’ve been lugging around to work? It cannot possibly be a bag suitable for a dinner! We all love our totes and our little clutches, but the golden middle is required in order to fit the multitasker bill.

If editors of fashion magazines are to be trusted, and let’s assume they are, then Michelle Scanga from Who What Wear has us covered on this particular issue. The key detail to keep in mind according to her, is the type of strap you need: go for a bag with a shoulder strap for your daily hustle, and a handle to make it more sophisticated for less hectic occasions.

The little black dress


This wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t include the one and only, the absolute queen of the collection, your little black dress, dressed up and down depending on the event. First of all, don’t take the “little” seriously, and pick the length and the cleavage that can be worn in a multitude of situations.

Anything from form-fitting, off-shoulder, fringe-embellished, all the way to those simple, but comfortable options with an A-line skirt can be easily upgraded with the help of the right hairstyle, and a nice pair of chic earrings. With that hiding in your double-strapped purse, you’re only a red lip away from a sensational night-club outfit!



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Fashion Must-Haves for Multi-Taskers

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