European Men: Romantic Or Realistic?

Why does dating a European sound like the most romantic scenario we can envision? I mean, it’s just how it is. Europe has become synonymous with romance. But, perhaps there are realistic explanations for all the romantic gestures we see… We’re onto you, you well-dressed, smooth-talking men.

You stand on the street corner that you had agreed to meet at. You have plans for dinner with him in fifteen minutes. You see him rounding the corner, and you instantly find yourself smiling. Then, you see him pull out a bouquet of pink and red flowers from behind his back. Your smile grows even wider.
Realistic: He is the 100th customer at his local market. His prize: 20 Euros store credit and a bouquet of flowers. He isn’t going to backtrack to his apartment to take them back… might as well give them to you.

Holding The Door
You chat a while and then head off to the authentic Italian restaurant you’ve been dying to try. You’re about to reach for the handle when he stops you, grabs the door before you can think twice, and swings it open with a chivalrous hand gesture to enter. You smile and do some type of courtesy thing because you’re not sure how else to respond to such romantic chivalry. 
He’s been holding in that gas since the first hour of your meeting. Opening the door for you gives him just enough time to let it loose. Ahh, the relief.

Candlelit Dinner
As you’re waiting to be seated in the restaurant, he makes sure to tell you the dinner will be candlelit. There’s no other way to eat Italian food, he tells you. You’re finally seated, and sure enough, the table is illuminated by two burning candles.
Realistic: Yes, candles can be romantic. Or is this actually because the restaurant is on a tight budget and is not splurging on electricity at the moment. Hmm…

Kiss On The Hand
The waiter has removed everything on the table, but you’re still in the same seats, engaged in such lovely conversation. When, suddenly, he grabs your hand and places his lips to it. C’mon, is this  a movie? No guy is this sweet anymore, you think to yourself.
Realistic: Oh, no. He realizes he still has marinara sauce on his lip from your pasta dinner… play it smooth. A kiss on the hand is the perfect cover.

Walking You Home
You wait for him to suggest driving you back to your place; he never does. Alright, you’ll get a cab. You tell him this, but he insists on walking you back to your place. So thoughtful, yet your feet are going to kill you from these heels.
Realistic: He just doesn’t own a car… or a Vespa for that matter. Not that there’s anything wrong with walks, but is it really that romantic if that’s the only option? Well, at least he didn’t just ditch after dinner.

You walk down aged Venetian streets dimly lit by streetlights. It’s the perfect setting for romance. You hear a live band playing what you think to be traditional Italian music. Suddenly, you’re being pulled into your date’s arms. He leads you into some type of Ballroom dance. You appreciate the romance and try to pretend you know the steps to this.
Realistic: As you are walking past a traditional Venetian band performing on the street, he trips on the uneven cobblestone road, pulling you along. You don’t notice, because he smoothly transitions into some type of Ballroom dance.

Love Letter
Before you part ways, he reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. He hands it to you, telling you not to read it until you’re alone. It’s a love letter, he tells you. The romance is unreal.
Realistic: A couple of months ago, in his English class, he had an assignment to translate his favorite romantic piece of literature into English. Well, he just happened to find this assignment when cleaning out his desk while you were in town… perfect.





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