Eight Ways to Rock Your Lady Boss Office Space

Eight Ways to Rock Your Lady Boss Office Space

Posted by Kacey on December 1, 2018
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As the lady-boss of your workplace, you probably have a distinct management style. Maybe you approach each day as a new opportunity to cultivate creativity in your team, or perhaps you focus more on networking with potential clients. No matter what your typical work-week looks like, you have one thing in common with all other lady-bosses out there — you want a workspace where you feel both motivated and comfortable.

If you’re looking for some interior design inspiration for your office space, here are eight ideas to try.

1. Add Art

Do you have a favorite photographer or a series of art prints? Don’t hoard the masterpieces at home. Bring a few into the workplace and use them to add some artistic flair. Looking at others’ art might help to inspire creativity in your own team — and it will spruce up the space, regardless. Feel free to get a bit creative and add other elements like fresh or faux flowers, small sculptures and anything else you enjoy.

2. Stay Organized

Your office’s aesthetic doesn’t rely strictly on art. You should keep the workspace tidy, too, so it always looks chic and streamlined. Enlist cute and functional organizational items, like upcycled sets of shelves or drawers, to ensure order in the office. You can also try an adorable desktop organizer to keep pencils, pens and paper clips all in their proper place.

3. Use Temporary Wallpaper

If you want to instantly enhance your work space without doing any lasting damage — especially if you rent an office — use temporary wallpaper. True to its name, this adhesive wallpaper simply sticks to the wall and comes off gently when you’re ready to change things up. So, it’s a fun and simple way to create a statement wall you can change on a whim.

4. Think About the Lighting

You probably spent some time thinking about the lighting in your home, so why wouldn’t you take the same care in choosing lighting for the workplace? When it comes to office lighting, keep in mind that you need to adequately illuminate the work space, but you don’t want lights to beat down on employees in a harsh, distracting way. Add lamps in dark corners and consider light sources that mimic the natural light of the sun.

5. Consider the Feng Shui

Feng shui enhances the flow of energy through a space, which may boost productivity and the mood in your work space. You don’t have to be an expert in feng shui to incorporate it into your workplace design, either. Simply enlist a few feng shui techniques. For instance, rearrange furniture so no sharp angles point directly at you as you work, which can “attack” your energy and thwart productivity. When you follow our first tip and add art, this can also enhance the feng shui of your space.

Having good feng shui doesn’t have to be so technical, either. Simply arranging your space so it’s comfortable is a great way to improve your productivity and efficiency.

6. Incorporate Air-Purifying Plants

Plants provide a few potential benefits in the office. Their very presence might boost your mood by bringing the great outdoors to mind. A pop of color always helps to enhance a cubicle, too. But did you know that some plants can also improve air quality? Purify the air in your office with a snake plant, a peace lily or a spider plant, which filter out toxins such as formaldehyde and xylene.

7. Invest in a Comfy Desk Chair

You might be tempted to cut corners when it comes to outfitting your office, but one item you shouldn’t skimp on is your desk chair. If you’re uncomfortable at your desk, you won’t get as much done. Find a desk chair that’s comfy and provides adequate support, so you can sit for extended periods of time.

8. Cancel Out Ambient Noise

It’s easy to get distracted when noise from the street constantly floats into your office. Stay on the right track by adding some soft background noise to cover it up, like music or a gurgling fountain. If you prefer silence while you work, opt for noise-canceling headphones.

When you want to take your lady boss office space to the next level, try one of these eight simple ideas. Just a small tweak could totally change the way you work!


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Eight Ways to Rock Your Lady Boss Office Space

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