DIY Your Ex’s Junk

DIY Your Ex’s Junk

Posted by Tklepko86 on January 10, 2016
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So you broke up… Now what?

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects other; other than having your heart crushed and stomped on, is separating your belongings. At some point after living together or even having a long term relationship, everything seems to be “ours”.

There are always the obvious give back or toss items – shirts boxers, toothbrush. But what do you do when it comes down to items you may have purchased together such as appliances, storage items or even electronics? Or those pesky left behind items that no one really wants?

Stop loathing them for a minute and think creatively: creativity can be a perfect outlet to release pain, depression and stress. Don’t completely discard, toss or destroy the left overs. With a bit of elbow grease, you can create a unique piece for your home and take your mind off of the pain for a few moments or hours.

Remember that suitcase you bought for a special trip for two? Has it become an eye sore and a reminder of all the good times you spent together? You want to get rid of it but can’t seem to part with it? Take a deep breath there are options!  Here’s how to make an accent chair with things you were going to throw out.

Take that old suite case, oversized pillow, chair or table legs (and support system). The support system can be a slab of wood about 1 inch thick to place at the bottom of the suits case to drill in the legs and support them as to stop the bottom on the case form folding in.

Cut a hole in the back of the pillow the remove some of the stuff in order to be able to fold a crease. Or buy or find left overs of two smaller pillows to place on the bottom and top of the suit case.

Fasten the pillow with either a hot glue gun or staple gun to keep it in place. If the pillow seems too puffy, remove more stuffing to avoid the suitcase from staying completely open or use small shelving brackets to screw into the back of the suitcase to keep it open at and angle.

The project takes about an hour total and will save money and sanity.

Stay positive, stay strong and find your outlet.


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DIY Your Ex’s Junk

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