Decor Ideas for The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Decor Ideas for The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

Posted by Kacey on February 10, 2017
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All the single ladies, all the single ladies. Galentines day is to celebrate you. No, you don’t have to be single to celebrate Galentines day, but if you are, embrace it with your best gal friends. If you’re in a relationship, take a moment to celebrate your best friendships with all of the wonderful ladies in your life. If you want to plan the ultimate Galentine’s Day party, here are the decorations you need.

  1. String of Hearts


The most stereotypical Valentine’s day decoration is hearts, so of course you can’t throw a Galentine’s day party without hearts. DIY stringed hearts keep things classy for all the ladies who want to celebrate. You can string hearts to form a banner for the most adorable decoration on your wall.


Get fancy and string the hearts in ombre colors. Use white, pink and red to bring out the popular Valentine’s day colors. If you don’t want to cut out paper hearts, you can also cut out bow and arrows for the paper garland to add a pop of fun.


  1. Parks and Recreation Printables


Galentine’s Day became a popular, anti-Valentine’s Day celebration through the television show, Parks and Recreation. If you appreciate Galentine’s Day, then you appreciate Leslie Knope and Anne Perkins. For your Galentine’s party, you’re going to want free printables with Leslie Knope compliments for the ultimate, unique flattery.


Embrace February 13th, by giving a Leslie Knope compliment to your gal friends that say “you beautiful rule breaking moth” to just make their day. Your party guests will fall in love with Galentine’s Day printables.


  1. Candy Bouquet


What gal doesn’t love flowers? Make your Galentine’s décor sweet by adding candy to the vases you use for bouquets. To do this, you have to use a clear jar so the candy shows through. The best candy to use for this is red hots or candy hearts.


If you want to make sure your flowers are poppy and perky, then place them in a small vase with water. Then place that vase of flowers into a larger vase where you will drop the candy between the two vases.


  1. Cute Coasters


Food and drinks are a must at any party you throw. Keep track of which drink belongs to who by painting your own cork coasters. They’re a great way to add some glam to your table through the décor.


Give your guests the option to write their names on their coaster with a sharpie and take it home as a party favor. Eat, drink and be girly. Clink.


  1. Mason Jar Hearts


Any classic DIY project for décor includes mason jars. Painting mason jars for décor is fast and easy if you need a last minute project. It’s also a super cheap project. Choose cute colors and incorporate hearts for the best Galentine’s day vibe at your party.


Take your mason jars one step farther and get fancy with it. Instead of placing flowers in the jars, you can place water and floating candles in them. Another option would be to use them for eating utensils. Fill one with forks, another with knives and the last one with spoons. Decorate the plastic utensils by using super cute mason jars.


  1. DIY Heart Wreath


Give your galentines a warm welcome to your party by placing a big red heart on your front door. For any party you want to create a good entrance. As your guests ring the door bell, their mood will be set to happiness when they see your heart wreath on the door.


You can get creative and even make a banner than says “Happy Galentine’s Day” and string it from one side to the other of the wreath. You can make a heart wreath in so many different ways. Tailor it to your liking, and don’t be afraid to do something different.


  1. Photo Booth


Create a Galentine’s day backdrop by making a photo booth. Use paper streamers, free printables or even actual pictures of you and your friends who are coming to the party. You and your friends will have a blast taking pictures to capture the memory of this Galentine’s day.


You can DIY the backdrop for a photo booth to save money. If you already have too many hearts in your décor, use streamers or confetti. To save time, you can simply use wrapping paper, rather than make intricate details in the background. You can find free printables for the props and really make the photo booth a fun time for everyone at the party.


Make your decorations awesome this Galentine’s day. Celebrate the wonderful gal friends, after all uteruses before duderuses. You can throw an amazing Galentine’s day party this year. Happy Galentine’s Day you beautiful, tropical fish!


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Decor Ideas for The Best Galentine’s Day Ever

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