Chats with Entrepreneur Jacqui Rosshandler

Chats with Entrepreneur Jacqui Rosshandler

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on December 2, 2015
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This week, I got to chat with the unstoppable, inspirational and entrepreneurial ball of energy – Jacqui Rosshandler. I met Jacqui through my sister, at her farewell party in NYC. Jacqui and hit it off, swapping tales of entrepreneurship, Aussie in New York-ship and everything in between. Jacqui is crushing it with her incredible business – Eat Whatever (breath mints that genuinely work, thanks Jacqui) and has just launched a variety just for dogs Woof Mints.  Here’s Jacqui’s pearls of wisdom on all things love, dating and bouncing back.

What do you do and why do you do it?
I create and sell my own products, namely Eatwhatever breath fresheners and our new dog breath fresheners, Woof Mints launching December 4 at

What’s the best gift you ever got?
Real answer: Unconditional love. Related answer: My beautiful engagement ring.

What’s the worst gift you ever got?
No gift at all!

What’s your advice for all things love, sex and dating?
Don’t try and be someone you’re not. If the person you are with doesn’t love you for who you are, you are just wasting everyone’s time pretending to be someone else.
Don’t allow men to treat you like crap either. Too demanding he says? maybe. But chances are you wont need to be if you’re with the right person.
Follow you gut. If you think he is being shady. He is.
Oh and just remember. When a relationship fails: There are plenty more beers (or wine!) in the fridge.

What’s your go to pick me up?
A blow dry. Who doesn’t love a good blowy?!?!

Tell us about your first heartbreak…
He was my best friend but he just couldn’t give me what I needed. It took a long time to get over the pain because I didn’t want to let him go. But, like most ex boyfriends, they come back and wish they could get a second time around. Sorry guys.

Tell us about a time you Bounced Back better than ever
I was married for a long time to a wonderful man but we just weren’t meant for “forever” I guess. Leaving that relationship was the hardest, most terrifying thing I ever did. I didn’t know if i’d ever be loved again but I knew I couldn’t continue in an unhappy place. We broke up. We both healed. We both have moved on and we both have a wonderful friendship that will last a lifetime.


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Chats with Entrepreneur Jacqui Rosshandler

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