Athleisure: Crazy Cute Or Just Plain Lazy?

Athleisure: Crazy Cute Or Just Plain Lazy?

Posted by Brianna Porter on May 9, 2016
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Where does Kate Hudson wear Fabletics? Everywhere!


At least, that’s according to the new commercial for her athleisure line, Fabletics. In case you don’t know, athleisure is essentially wearing clothes you would work out in anywhere but the gym (at least, in my experience, this is the case. Putting on athleisure clothes is enough to convince yourself you got in a good workout for the day). Now, athleisure isn’t that new of a trend (Lululemon has been making gym clothes fashionable for some time now), but with brands like Fabletics and Beyonce’s new line Ivy Park stepping up the athleisure game, the trend has had new life breathed into it. And that’s made us think, since we, too, often pull a “Kate Hudson” in our athleisure clothes (a.k.a, wearing it everywhere, mostly because of laziness, but also because it can look effortlessly chic), what do other people think of the trend? Are we really fooling anybody about our gym habits? And should we care? Read on for the critic consensus!


“I find it to be a ‘style’ but not ‘stylish’ if that makes sense. I don’t necessarily think it is lazy, I think it is definitely it’s own ‘thing’, I just don’t like how it looks and I would rather people keep those clothes in the gym.” -Bryan, 23


“I mean, I personally find it lazy, but that’s because I like wearing skirts and jeans and dresses and stuff. But if people like wearing it and they find it’s their style, then to each their own.”Marina, 19


“I think it depends on the situation. For example, my boss (who is an insurance agent for State Farm) can only wear athletic clothing to the office because he had a stroke a few years ago and has limited body movement. But other than that, I say it’s not lazy at all. Some people just want the comfort.”Chantelle, 28


“If you really have a great style and you incorporate athletic wear into that, I think it can be fantastic and just as stylish as any other type of clothing. But that involves creativity and not just dressing like you’re going to the gym.”Charlie, 25


“Who cares if someone wears sweatpants? That doesn’t hurt me or anyone else on the planet.”Jess, 18


“It’s such a big thing in fashion right now that people have created athleisure to be worn just about anywhere, using high tech fabrics to make it look more casual or dressy. For instance, there are men’s sweatpants that can be worn at the gym and if they don’t have time to change, they can wear them to work and look like dress pants, and still be comfortable. I think it depends on a person’s style to make athleisure look good. A lot of people, however, don’t know how to rock it, and that’s when athleisure is a no-go. But athleisure definitely has potential to be a style that can stand the test of time, and not just a trend.”Josh, 20


“I personally hate when I see people wearing those clothes anywhere other than the gym. I guess I just like putting effort into things. But I don’t see it as stylish in any way.” Val, 34


Mixed opinions, as expected, so the verdict’s still out on this one. But let’s just set the record straight right here, right now: you don’t have to dress for anybody but yourself, and you certainly don’t need to impress anyone. Who cares what some schmuck on the street thinks of you wearing a sports bra as a crop top? Do what makes you happy, ignore the haters, and rock that athleisure if you want– there are bigger battles to fight! (Like how outrageously priced some athleisure pieces are…seriously, $40 for one sports bra?!) So to answer our questions: no, we might not be fooling anybody, but frankly, who gives a damn?


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Athleisure: Crazy Cute Or Just Plain Lazy?

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