Ask Angelique: Question Of The Week

Ask Angelique: Question Of The Week

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on June 28, 2015
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It’s question of the week time from the unstoppable Angelique Velez; she’s the beauty and brains behind the utterly brilliant Breakups To Makeup  and our resident expert on all things love, sex, dating…and looking fabulous!  Got a question for her? Follow @neverlikedit and @breakupstomakeup and ask away!

This week’s question comes from Miss Just A Friend and is all about how to tell a friend that you’d like them to be more than just that…. Revealing a crush is one of the scariest things you can ever do and when it’s to a friend, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Lucky Angelique has some words of wisdom to share!

Miss Just-A-Friend’s Question: How do you tell your friend that you would like to have more than a friendship with them?

Angelique’s Answer: First and foremost you want to make sure that this is exactly what you want.  Having a relationship with a friend can really be tricky, especially if things don’t work out, you will more than likely lose the friendship as well.  So again, if you are sure that it’s something you want, and are willing to risk the friendship, I would be upfront and honest.  Wait until the two of you have some alone time and bring it up then. Be prepared for the answer to go either way, the feelings may not be mutual and you want to be understanding if that’s the case.  In my experience if someone wants a relationship, the signs are usually there, so if the two of you have been friends for a while and there have been no signs, be prepared.  If you feel that there have been signs and you have been ignoring them or all of a sudden you have a change in feelings, then go for it!  It’s not going to be an easy thing to bring up, but if it’s something you can’t stop thinking about, do it.  Good luck!


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Ask Angelique: Question Of The Week

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