Ask Angelique: First Date Make Up

Ask Angelique: First Date Make Up

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on October 27, 2015
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Questions, questions, big, small, easy, tough, impossible and rude…we like them all! Ask the unstoppable Angelique Velez; the beauty and brains behind the utterly brilliant Breakups To Makeup  and our resident expert on all things love, sex, dating…and looking fabulous anything you want!   Follow @neverlikedit and @breakupstomakeup and ask away! This  weeks’ question comes to us from Little Miss First Date. Go get ’em girl!

Little Miss First Date’s Question: What kind of makeup look is right for a first date?

Angelique’s Answer: For a first date I would say you want to look like yourself with a little more “oomph”. If your signature look is mascara & blush, add some eyeshadow or a small wing liner. I would say keep it simple yet fun, but you don’t want to over do it as you still want to feel like yourself! I personally love a bold lip, but for a first date I would avoid it because I know there’s going to be a lot of talking, possibly eating/drinking and I don’t want to be concerned about having to reapply my lip color or getting lipstick on my teeth. I would focus on my eyes and keep the lip a bit more natural. Do what works for you and have fun with it–be yourself and let your personality shine!



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Ask Angelique: First Date Make Up

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