Ask Angelique: Beauty Idols

Ask Angelique: Beauty Idols

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on November 17, 2015
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Questions, questions, big, small, easy, tough, impossible and rude…we like them all! Ask the unstoppable Angelique Velez; the beauty and brains behind the utterly brilliant Breakups To Makeup  and our resident expert on all things love, sex, dating…and looking fabulous anything you want!   Follow @neverlikedit and @breakupstomakeup and ask away! This  weeks’ question comes to us from Miss Starstruck!

Miss Starstruck’s Question: Who is your beauty idol?

Angelique’s Answer: I have so many on such different levels! Beauty wise I absolutely love Drew Barrymore, her hair and laid back yet dressy wardrobe is something that I definitely admire. Jennifer Lopez is another, she always looks flawless! She can carry any makeup look and let’s face it she does not look her age–talk about goals! As far as makeup artists I am a huge fan of Pat McGrath. Her work is impeccable! I’ve never had the opportunity to assist her but it’s definitely on my bucket list! Eve Pearl is another–as a 5 time Emmy Award winning makeup artist and truly down to earth person, she’s an inspiration! I also have to mention my mother who is beautiful both inside and out, she has such a young soul and it shows in everything she does! This to me is the epitome of beauty. I could go on and on because there are so many women who I admire and consider beautiful, both inside and out, but these are just a few.



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Ask Angelique: Beauty Idols

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