Ask Angelique: How Should I Do My Eyebrows?

Ask Angelique: How Should I Do My Eyebrows?

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on January 12, 2016
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Questions, questions, big, small, easy, tough, impossible and rude…we like them all! Ask the unstoppable Angelique Velez; the beauty and brains behind the utterly brilliant Breakups To Makeup  and our resident expert on all things love, sex, dating…and looking fabulous anything you want!   Follow @neverlikedit and @breakupstomakeup and ask away! This  weeks’ question is all about those furry friends on our face – they are the hallmark of beauty and have the power to transform your look.

Little Miss Raise Eyebrow’s Question: Should I dye my eyebrows or fill them in?

Angelique’s Answer: Even though we are in a new year, I still think it’s the year of the brow! I personally like versatility and options. Filling in your brow allows you the option of changing not only the shape of your brow, but also the color! It also depends how much time you spend on your brows. If you are a no nonsense type of person you may just want to dye them so you don’t have to spend as much time on them, but remember once you start doing that you will have to continue to touch them up with new hair growth. My opinion is get some different colors and play! Try products like pencils, gel and powders to see what you like. My current obsessions are brow products from Anastasia, Billion Dollar Brows and MAC. Brows can change your entire look in minutes so have fun with them, the more you practice, the quicker you will find what look you like!

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Ask Angelique: How Should I Do My Eyebrows?

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