9 Things That Living In New York Has Taught Me

9 Things That Living In New York Has Taught Me

Posted by Regina Gosney on December 10, 2017
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New York is often depicted as this land of flowing almond milk and locally sourced honey. It is, but it’s also the kind of place where you’re left with no other choice but to pee on the street or curse at the cars that almost run you over. There’s some bad with the good, like any place. But New York really is special, and with all the startups and ameture standups, you learn a thing or two. Here are eight things I’ve learned living in New York.

1. Hustle for What You Want
Everyone in New York is either hustling to make things happen, or hustling to keep their thing happening. It’s not an idle city at all, and I honestly think we’d rebuild America if this same energy extended nationwide.


2. Don’t Take It Personal
People will push past you if you’re walking slow on the sidewalk. People will excessively lay on their horn if you wait two seconds after the light turns green. People will upcharge you if they feel like they can. Don’t take it personal. Everyone’s just trying to live their best life now.


3. You Can Get A Good Bottle Of Wine For $2
The Trader Joe’s wine market near Union Square has more than decent wine for $2. Two. Dollars. Is your life forever changed; ‘cus mine was.


4. Nobody Really Gives a Sh*t
I’ve seen this girl shamelessly taking selfies her whole train ride. I’ve seen a dude pull out a pair of socks from his pocket, sit on the train platform, take off his shoes, and put on the socks over the ones he had. Whenever I’m embarrassed about slipping on the stairs or losing my balance on the train, I think of these people and remember, nobody really gives a sh*t.


5. Take Advantage of Every Accessible Bathroom
Public bathrooms are not really a thing here. Sure, there’s Starbucks, but there’s also at least ten people waiting in line for the bathroom at any given one. If you’re out in the city, pee because you can, not because you have to.


6. It’s Ok To Be an Asshole
Sometimes you will get flipped off, sometimes you will flip other people off. Assholeness is ubiquitous in this city.


7. Crosswalk Signs Are Decorations
Nobody minds the red hand that tells you to wait on the other side of the crosswalk. Tourists usually do, but that’s what sets them apart.


8. People Are Just People
I haven’t really seen anyone famous, but my fiance had Jake Gylenhall’s sister order coffee from his cafe one day. I’ve met successful lawyers, musicians, artists, and CEO’s. I’ve also chatted with office janitors, street performers, monks, and aspiring models. We all want the same things, and nobody’s any better than the rest.


9. Grass Isn’t Always Greener
So New York isn’t always Sex In the City glamour. It’s full of parking tickets, asshole drivers, people asking for money, and crammed subway rides. At the end of the day, it’s what you make it. But let me tell you, you won’t find better dollar pizza slices anywhere.



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9 Things That Living In New York Has Taught Me

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