8 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

8 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on September 1, 2017
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There was a time that girls who wore glasses were desperate to ditch them, instead wanting to don contact lenses to shed the stereotypes. Thankfully that type of thinking is gone and women are free to embrace their glasses freely. This has thrown up a bit of a challenge for many, though, because glasses and makeup can be fairly challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. The thing is, wearing glasses doesn’t mean your makeup game can’t be 100% all the time.

In fact, your glasses play a big part in framing your face and that means you should be using your eyewear to your advantage by playing to your strengths. If you want to execute the perfect face of makeup while wearing your glasses you should check out these eight awesome makeup tips for girls who wear glasses!

  1. Short Handled Brushes

Use brushes with short handles so you can easily navigate your makeup while getting up as close as you need to the mirror. Why risk poking yourself in the eye trying to get the perfect angle as you apply your eyeshadow? Of course, you could also make an investment in makeup glasses. It allows you perfect sight with your left eye while you take care of the makeup for your right eye and vice versa. Isn’t progress a beautiful thing?


  1. Non-Slip Glasses

Tell me, is there anything more frustrating than having your glasses constantly slip off your nose after spending so much time on your makeup? It’s the worst, right? There’s a hack for that! Before you do or touch anything apply a touch of eyeshadow primer to the bridge of your nose. Alternatively, you can choose setting spray over translucent powder. Either way, you can stop stressing about slippery glasses.


  1. Concealer Tips

Did you realise that your frames were casting shadows on your face? Probably, but what can you do about it? Well, your best bet is to choose a concealer with a bit of a yellow tinge to it. This should be used under your eyes as that’s where the trouble is caused. Blend it well and you should immediately notice a difference!


  1. Be Wise with Eyebrows

When you chose your glasses you probably spent a lot of time trying different options on, wondering which pair would perfectly frame your face. Yes, your glasses frame your face, but don’t forget about your eyebrows… because they are the frame to your glasses! Whether you go natural or you need a pencil or brush to get them in order, whatever you do, don’t forget them!


  1. Bold Lips

Forget everything else for days you just don’t care. Toss your glasses on and pick your favourite shade of lipstick and wear it with confidence. You can get away with a lot of makeup sins when you choose the bold lip look and go natural. In fact, for any day opting for simple eyes to match the bold lips is a great look. It can be over the top if you go hard with your eyes and then top the look with your frames, so start thinking less is more.


  1. Colour Coordinate

Do you have a soft spot for coloured frames? Make the best of it by ensuring that those frames are colour coordinated with your makeup. If you wear pink frames then choose pink lipstick or gloss. Work with what you’ve got and accentuate it! Don’t forget flattering eyeshadow. If you love to go big and colourful with your eye makeup then you may want to consider getting invisible frames. Then you can enjoy the best of both worlds without worrying about your look being over the top. Just don’t forget the right shades for your eye colour.


  1. Mascara

You spent forever applying your mascara, it’s clump-free and you’re looking fine. That is until you slip your glasses on and smudge your look and end up with smears of the eye makeup on your lenses. How on earth do you get around this conundrum? There are two potential solutions! You can either try out smudge proof (or waterproof) mascara or opt for eyelash dye. The choice is yours and either one of them will save you from stressing.


  1. Lenses

You may not realise this, but your lenses have an impact on your makeup style. That’s right, if you wear long-sighted lenses you may have noticed your eyes looking larger. You should be opting for darker shades of makeup. For short-sighted lenses eyes are minimized, thus light and bright shades to highlight the eyes are optimal.


Take a moment to treat yourself, hit the shops to go hunting for fresh makeup or a new pair of glasses. You can even invite your friends along and make a day of it. If you don’t feel like splurging, try hitting up a coupon site and grabbing yourself a sweet deal. Whatever you choose, remember to have fun experimenting with your gorgeous glasses!



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8 Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

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