8 DIY Gifts for Friends They Won’t Forget

Want to use your DIY skills to impress friends? Then craft them a gift they’ll never forget. With ideas like a gorgeous dandelion paperweight and bath bombs made for royals, you’ll be sure to have all birthdays and holidays covered.

1. Pressed Flower Candle

For this project, you’ll need two pounds of soy wax chips, fresh flowers, wicks with clips and a glass container. Press fresh flowers and petals between newspaper and place heavy books on top. Once dry, arrange the flowers in your chosen glass container and pour melted wax on top. A small item like a pencil, sharpie or dowel rod can be used to hold the wick in place.

2. Dandelion Paperweight Globe

This gorgeous paperweight takes a piece of nature — a fuzzy dandelion — and freezes it in time. For this project, you’ll need two-part epoxy resin, a globe mold and a dandelion. Once equal parts of the resin has been mixed, pour it into the mold and carefully place the puffy dandelion. Allow the liquid enough time to set, typically 24 to 72 hours, before handling.

3. Mosaic Table Tray

This easy-to-make mosaic tray is practical for almost any use — a make-up tray, remote control holder, plant table and more. Before you start, gather a wooden tray, old DVDs or CDs, glue, and two-part epoxy resin. Cut the DVDs into irregular-shaped pieces and glue them to the bottom inside of the tray. Remember to leave small spaces between each piece to resemble a mosaic pattern. Once finished, mix your two-part epoxy and pour on top.

4. Clay Perfume Bottle

A clay perfume bottle is a unique and creative gift no friend would soon forget. This project requires several materials to start, including clay, glue and alcohol ink. You’ll also need small paper cups, a craft knife and a glass bottle. To start, coat the bottle in glue and allow it to dry. Then, cover with clay and press out air bubbles. Use small cutters to create designs on the bottle before baking. After, the piece is colored with alcohol ink and baked again.

5. Succulent Book Planter

Do you have a friend who adores the outdoors and also loves a good read? Then try your hand at this succulent book planter. Before you start, you’ll need to get an old hardcover book, a plastic container, rocks, soil and your favorite succulents. Use a knife to cut out the middle of the book. Then, use a spray adhesive to attach the plastic container. Fill with soil, plant your succulents and decorate with stones for added effect.

6. Gold Bath Bombs

If you want your friend to feel like royalty, gift these luxurious golden bath bombs. To make them, you’ll need ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, cocoa butter and your choice of fragrance oil. Once all the ingredients have been combined, press and shape the mixture in a bath bomb mold. Allow to harden for a day, then roll the bath bombs in shimmery gold mica.

7. Milk and Honey Soap

This natural, homemade soap tastes good enough to eat. It also makes a great gift for close friends. To get started, you’ll need two pounds of goat milk soap base, raw honey, gold colorant and isopropyl alcohol. Melt the soap base and carefully stir in honey and coloring. Then, pour the combination into honeycomb molds and spray with isopropyl alcohol to remove air bubbles. The soap will take 60 to 90 minutes to harden.

8. Natural Stone Earrings

For the friend that loves to be fab, try creating these unique natural stone earrings. Before starting this project, gather raw stones like rose quartz, amethyst, garnet and amazonite. You’ll also need earring studs and E6000 glue. Place the glue on the stub and firmly press the stone in place. Allow to dry for up to 24 hours before wrapping.

Creating gifts your friends will love is easy. Pick a project you know your friend will love, like a pressed flower candle or succulent book planter. Then, gather the necessary materials and get to crafting. Once everything is dry, you can wrap it all up in a box coupled with decorative wrapping paper.

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