7 Mindful Gift Ideas for Your Most Spiritual Friends

7 Mindful Gift Ideas for Your Most Spiritual Friends

Posted by Kacey on August 9, 2019
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Friendships make up the best part of life — without our connections with others, what is any human effort for? Our relationships remind us we weren’t built to simply pay bills and die. But for all our friendships benefit our lives, many of us neglect to give the ones we care for most the appreciation they deserve.

Show a spiritually-minded friend you love them today with one of the seven gifts below. Each is designed to nourish the human spirit, and your friend will appreciate the thought you put into your selections.

1. Healing Crystals

Crystals can help you manifest the things you want in life, especially when used in conjunction with feng shui. Has your friend recently experienced financial hardships? Iron pyrite can help attract wealth, as can citrine. A jade elephant with an upturned truck symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Carrying a piece of tiger’s eye in your pocket while shopping helps curb impulse spending and gives you the patience to find the right item.

Maybe your friend is looking for love? If so, gift them with rose quartz or black lace agate. Are they struggling with a health condition? Bless them with aqua aura and aventurine or lapis lazuli.

2. Sooth With Salt Lamps

Did you know the electronic devices we use emit positive ions into the atmosphere constantly? This causes stress and weakens the immune system over time. How can you cleanse the air of positive ions? By using a Himalayan salt lamp.

Salt lamps make thoughtful gifts because they also help reduce germs and even cigarette smoke from the air, so if your friend has a new beau with a nasty butt habit, this can help keep her sinuses clear. Salt lamps also increase overall energy and heighten concentration, making a mini lamp to put on her work desk the perfect gift.

3. Smudge Their Soul Clean

Has your friend recently moved into a new pad? Even if the previous tenants practiced loving-kindness the majority of the time, residual energy can leave the current occupants feeling off. Instead, buy your friend a smudging kit and help her clean her new place of any lingering negative spiritual influences. Homes with heavy-duty negative energy, such as where domestic violence happened, can take repeated cleansing to clear.

4. A Mood Boost Bouquet

If your friend is feeling low, why not brighten her day with a colorful bouquet? Flowers impact our moods and most flowers that make people feel nurtured or cared for come in shades of yellow. A colorful bouquet of mums and marigolds could improve your friends’ mental outlook significantly (plus who doesn’t love getting flowers, right?).

5. Make Them Feel Scent-Sational

Like flowers, certain scents have a beneficial impact on our mental and physical health. For example, scents such as bitter orange elevate moods and boost productivity. The aroma of lavender has long lulled people to sleep more easily, and essential oils like peppermint and spearmint boost immune function and help alleviate symptoms of colds and flu.

Another essential oil which makes a great gift? Oregano essential oil kills the MRSA virus and helps keep your mouth healthy. A few drops on your toothbrush or used as a mouth rinse can combat mild periodontal disease, useful if your friend lacks money for routine dental cleanings.

6. Get Them on the Mat

Who says you always have to binge-watch Netflix when you hang with your bestie? Why not give your friend the gift of a new yoga class (and maybe throw in a mat for added measure, because after a while, they all get that funky foot smell). You can try an entirely new studio — every instructor has their own unique style which gets you moving in new ways. Plus, who doesn’t love relaxing in savasana after a tough class?

7. Treat Her to a Spot of Tea

If you’ve never enjoyed a traditional English high tea, you’re missing out. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants, and the scones served at many top establishments are to die for. Have fun dressing up with your bestie and treat her to an afternoon fit for the Queen of England.

Giving the Gift of Love

Spiritually-themed gifts show you honor the light that exists within your friend. And don’t the people who make your world a much brighter place deserve the best?


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7 Mindful Gift Ideas for Your Most Spiritual Friends

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