7 Health and Wellness Trends That Will Shape 2019

7 Health and Wellness Trends That Will Shape 2019

Posted by MissEvans on October 21, 2018
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We often see trends as something associated with fashion, beauty, and design. However, by definition, ‘trend’ means a general direction in which something is changing. With all the new things we are learning from science, nutrition, and wellness, it is only normal that there are some new things which are going to be popular. The year ahead will revolutionize the way we see and tend to our health and our wellbeing. If you are interested to see what’s brewing on the horizon, here are the top seven trends which will shape 2019.


1. Zero tolerance for food intolerances

When we are talking about food allergies, we usually think of peanuts, strawberries, and chocolate. But did you know that more than 170 foods can cause allergic reactions? In the U.S. about 15 million citizens have food allergies. Add food intolerances such as gluten and lactose, and that number will double, even triple in size. This number is growing by the day, which will drive the food industry toward developing alternatives to allergenic foods. We already have gluten-free bread and milk-free ice cream; who knows what will they think of tomorrow.

2. Powdering the superfoods

Superfoods have made quite a buzz in the industry when they first came into the picture as such, and they are not going anywhere. Besides the avocado, goji berries, chia seeds, and other things you can have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, now the superpowders will find a way to your table. These are actually the concentrates of superfoods which contain beneficial properties for your health. They are already used in the kitchen by some innovative chefs. Some of the most popular ones right now are turmeric, green tea, and acai.

3. Reducing meat consumption

“Going vegan” was marked as one of the biggest nutritional trends in 2018, and guess what? It’s still, you ain’t seen nothing yet. The surprising popularity of veganism has become a global phenomenon, and the food manufacturers and restaurant owners are quickly adapting to the change. This doesn’t mean that all carnivores will stop eating meat instantly, but there will be a tendency to reduce meat consumption. There is a constant search for sources of protein which can provide just as much of this important nutrient as meat does, and the biggest innovators are even trying to make them tasty.

4. Nutrigenomics is slowly coming to life

Nutrigenomics is an emerging discipline which combines nutrition and genes to tailor personalized diets for each individual. While the evidence is promising, it still isn’t very precise. In 2019, we hope to finally get all the missing answers. Until then, we can use some of the hints given to us by nutrigenomics. This especially goes for certain dietary supplements which can target specifically the nutrients, hormones, and similar things our organisms might lack. Some people will, for example, need mitochondria support for enhanced energy and mental cognition, others will require vitamin D for better bone health, etc. The most important thing is to always choose natural and tested supplements.

5. Using sound as therapy

Light therapy has been used in beauty clinics, spa centers, and even some medical institutions for years. Now, we can hear a lot about sound and its effects on our health. It is no secret that music can affect our mood, but the frequencies and the vibrations can do so much more. Some people believe that all of us have our specific frequencies and that some vibrations can resonate with our own. This, apparently, drives the self-healing power, which can relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce stress. The instruments that are producing that kind of sound are Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, etc.

6. Sleep well, not long

Achieving the recommended eight hours of sleeping is becoming harder to a modern-day individual by the day. Since it is nearly impossible to work on quantity, it would be the best to improve the quality. Sleep hygiene will become a huge thing in the years ahead, and it will include determining healthy practices and routines which encourage “clean” sleep. Here are some examples:

  • Avoiding digital distractions before going to bed.
  • Not drinking coffee late in the afternoon.
  • Setting the room temperature not too hot, nor too cold.
  • Getting a supporting mattress and pillow which suit your sleeping position.
  • Using organic bedding.

7. Interior design meets wellness

We already know from Feng Shui and environmental psychology that our surroundings affect our mood and health. The happy marriage of interior design and wellness has joined these two with one goal – peace of mind. Minimalism, which is hot right now in interior design, is not only good for purposeful spatial organization but also for minimizing stress which can be piled up with piles of knick-knacks and ensuring serenity.

The world is changing. When it comes to health and wellness it keeps getting better. The things you’ve read here are just a fragment of everything that will make us healthier and happier in the future.


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7 Health and Wellness Trends That Will Shape 2019

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