The 7 Best Gift For People Going Through Breakups

The 7 Best Gift For People Going Through Breakups

Posted by Never Liked It Anyway on February 26, 2021
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Breakups are messy and challenging. Going through one can hurt a person physically, mentally, and emotionally, to the point where they can no longer function properly and accomplish simple tasks at home and work. Some breakups even have long-term effects that a person’s behavior and thinking drastically change because of it. 

Going through breakups isn’t easy, so if you know someone who’s currently at this point in their lives, consider giving them gifts. Giving gifts is a great way to make your friend feel loved and assure them that they’re not going through this tough time alone. Gifts can also take your friend’s mind off of the breakup, making it easier for them to move on

Listed below are some of the best gifts you can give to people who are going through breakups:

1. Chocolates

According to studies, eating dark chocolates can lower stress levels and induce relaxation. Chocolates also contain serotonin, which works by improving a person’s mood. In short, chocolates can make someone happier. So, why not give a bunch to someone who’s going through a breakup?

Sending chocolates to a friend who has gotten out of a relationship will cheer them up. Any kind of chocolate will do but if you know their favorites, exert effort to look for and give them those.

2. Books

Moving on from a breakup is challenging, especially if someone has high hopes for the relationship. The unpredictability of breakups is one of the reasons why anyone who goes through it will need all the help they can get to recover and continue living their lives.

Certain books function as breakup bibles that can help anyone survive this point in their lives. Books can also provide wisdom, entertainment, and peace, making them perfect for a friend who’s going through a breakup.

3. Camera

Breakups are probably one of the most challenging phases in a person’s life, but going through one doesn’t mean that life is over. So, if you’re looking for ways to encourage your friend who’s going through a breakup to move forward, giving them a camera might be a great idea. Yes, it’s retro as we all have phones now, but that’s the point.

Cameras are great gifts for someone who has recently been single as this will motivate them to travel, try something new, and make memories again. You’ll surely make the recipient of this gift very happy, especially if they’re an aspiring photographer who lost interest in photography because of the breakup.

4. Weighted Blanket

Breakups can be rough and may become the reason why someone will lose sleep every night. This is especially true if the breakup didn’t end well or if your friend has been with their ex for years.

One of the best gifts you can gift to a friend going through a breakup is a weighted blanket as this will feel like someone is giving them a big hug. Weighted blankets are also known to decrease a person’s stress levels and improve their sleep health.

5. Ice Cream Maker

Seeing people eat pints of ice cream during breakups is common. In fact, ice cream is considered one of the most popular go-to breakup foods. But instead of buying pints of ice cream to help someone heal their broken hearts, why not give them an ice cream maker?

If your friend considers ice cream as their comfort food and would choose to wallow in their bed with this food in their hands, an ice cream maker is a perfect gift. This gadget is very convenient as your friend can make and eat ice cream whenever they want to and use any ingredients for flavor.

6. Himalayan Salt Lamp

As mentioned, breakups can affect the wellness of a person. For example, crying for long periods because of an ex can trigger chronic and severe headaches. Over time, crying continuously can trigger depression and other mental health problems. 

If you want your friend to breathe and relax even during a breakup, give them a Himalayan salt lamp. Studies show that Himalayan salt lamps produce negatively charged ions to the air and can help ease anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Moreover, the reddish-pink glow that this lamp gives off can also make the room feel warmer, making it easier for someone who’s going through a breakup to sleep easier and better. 

7. Journal

People have different ways of expressing their feelings. While some can comfortably open up about their emotions to other people, others would rather write how they’re feeling. If you know someone who’s going through a breakup and would prefer the latter, give them a journal. 

Journaling can do wonders for a person who’s going through a breakup because putting pen to paper can reduce stress, improve immune function, and keep memory sharp. Most importantly, journaling may foster growth because it allows a person to know more about themselves, others, and the world while helping their brains regulate their emotions. 

Your Time Matters

Once you’ve bought the perfect gift for a friend who’s grieving over a breakup, tweak your schedule so you can spend time with them. Along with your gift, the companionship you can offer to your friend will make them happier and help them see the silver lining of the situation.


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The 7 Best Gift For People Going Through Breakups

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