6 Fashion Essentials Every 30-Something Should Own

6 Fashion Essentials Every 30-Something Should Own

Posted by Sophia Smith on December 15, 2017
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People belong to two categories; the ones who believe that nothing ever changes and those for whom the only constant is change. It would be silly to think that everything stays the same, that we stay the same and never evolve. The matter of fact is, we’re constantly moving forward, even when the changes are so subtle we can hardly notice them.

Your thirties are the years where the results of this quiet but ongoing evolution become highly visible, and the ‘new you’ is palpable; through your interactions, relationships, and even your fashion sense. One day you simply wake up and realize that you’re fully formed, with a distinct sense of style and suddenly all the novelty and trendy pieces no longer have room in your life or your wardrobe. Suddenly you feel the urge to upgrade your wardrobe in a way that will match your mindset.

In case you’re baffled as to what those additions should be, you’re in the right place.

From the top

As you become more responsible, perhaps due to changes in lifestyle or career, you find yourself gravitating toward simpler garments, those that are easy to combine for a sleek look, and in all honesty, those that are of much better quality than your previous ones. This is the exact time when you should go hunting for a great white button down.

This piece has always been around and has for too long been overlooked and deemed boring and conservative. However, you need this item. Its simplicity is what makes it so great, because it allows you to create wonderfully creative outfits, ranging from casual – with a pair of jeans and a great top, to chic and romantic with a midi skirt, not to mention that it’s the epitome of professionalism. It’s all about mixing and matching, and when it comes to endless combinations, this shirt is pure perfection.

Onto the bottoms

Aside from an abundance of classic skirts – pencil, pleated, striped, which you probably already own, it’s high time to curate your jean collection. When you look at that section of your wardrobe you probably see multitudes of jeans and none of them are ‘the one’. Some are trendy – embroidered, ripped, and others outdated.

You need a fresh start. Toss out or donate everything that doesn’t fit and flatter, and dedicate a shopping spree solely to jeans. The perfect pair is difficult to find, but dark and straight leg are great guidelines. Whether they’ll be mid or high-rise depends on your body type; don’t look for trendy, look for flattering.

The keeper

Your twenties are for experimenting and piling up multitudes of bags and purses of low quality, just so you would have more options. This, however, is the time you realized that quality most certainly trumps quantity.

So, if you want to make a true style statement, you actually need just one great designer bag, you know, the one that’ll stand the test of time and defy trends. If you’re lacking inspiration and you don’t know what that perfect keeper should look like, here you’ll find all the inspiration you need, and probably your next timeless bag.

The wow factor

If you’ve always been a fan of high heels, kudos to you, your shoe journey is complete. For all those neophytes out there the lesson is as follows: there are three pairs of shoes you simply need in your life. The suede ankle boots, the classic pumps and ballet flats.

The last pair is for casual days, classy strolls and running errands, the pumps are for the workplace and every party and wedding you’ll attend (now you see why you need them), and the boots are for basically everything and this is a purchase you’ll be most proud of.

Invest wisely

If you’ve spent your life without the presence of a classic trench coat and a biker jacket, rectifying the situation should be first on your list. These are iconic pieces, one that can make or break any outfit, your faithful companions for any and every situation – from classy to edgy. Don’t put this off, go find your perfect fit today.

And then there was one

Your final investment is in a pair of killer shades. Every woman needs to have a pair of signature sunglasses. This is again a time to think beyond trendiness. Many people get stuck with the hottest pick of the day that’s out as soon as the next day comes. Try on different frames and colors and find the ones that will frame your face best and make you look stunning. That’s the point of sunglasses, aside from shielding your eyes from the sun.



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6 Fashion Essentials Every 30-Something Should Own

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