5 Ways to Have a Really Good Morning

5 Ways to Have a Really Good Morning

Posted by Kacey on October 4, 2017
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Mornings can be difficult to get through no matter what day it is, which just puts you in a bad mood. Starting your day off with a negative mindset can throw off the rest of your schedule, and even your entire week. But sometimes you just can’t help it! Life happens and you don’t sleep well, or you’re more stressed than usual, and you end up starting your mornings with a sour attitude.

You won’t worry about fighting the morning blues anymore if you look into ways you can have a great morning. There’s truth behind the phrase, “mind over matter.” You might not be able to change what you’re struggling with in life, but you do have the power to change how you think and feel. Try out some of these tips the next time you wake up and find yourself thinking in only negative ways.

Take Time to Reflect

Taking time to mediate and reflect on all the good in your life probably shouldn’t be done in bed, especially just after waking up. Get up, stretch and find a comfy seat somewhere in your living space. Think about all the good in your life, even if it’s only simple things, like the fact that you’re healthy and able to go to work today. Focus on your breathing to steady your heartbeat and then get on with your normal routine once you aren’t taking anything for granted anymore.

Get Some Flowers

Flowers are gorgeous to look at and great to get, but they’re also an excellent treat for yourself. Not only do they give life to wherever they’re placed, they also improve your emotions. Looking at flowers has been proven to increase compassion and decrease anxiety. Something about their happy colors and blooming life makes us more positive people, so add some greenery to your home to help combat the Monday morning blues.

Do Something Good

For those who lack a green thumb, try skipping the flowers and doing a random act of kindness instead. Studies have shown that by doing something good for someone else, your personal happiness increases with theirs. You’ll have a renewed sense of confidence and feel better about yourself by helping someone else. However, before you start handing out baked good, check your intentions. If you help others only to help yourself, your morning won’t actually improve.

Exercise For A Bit

Hitting the gym might be the last thing you want to do when you wake up, but it could end up being what’s best for you. Most of the time, having a bad morning is related to not feeling awake, which means your brain needs more oxygen—not coffee! Try going for a light jog to get your heart pumping and feel better. You’ll get that rush of self-confidence that comes from a workout, and you’ll have an easier time focusing on work and staying awake at your desk.

Don’t Forget To Fuel Up

Everyone knows that it’s important to eat breakfast. Your body needs food to get energy from so you can go about your day. Have you thought about what you’re putting in your body? Eating healthier at breakfast time could improve your overall mood. Drinking coconut water actually decreases stress and anxiety levels, so by changing up what you eat and drink, you could be getting on top of your stress before your day even begins.


Improving your mood in the morning isn’t as impossible as it feels. No matter what life is throwing at you, you’re able to start each day off right, as long as you focus on positive foods and activities that are good for you. This might mean sacrificing that daily latte or setting the alarm back a little earlier, but you’ll find positive changes happening quickly that’ll make it all worth it.

Once you find what’s best for your body, make that new change a routine. Keep it up for a couple weeks until what you do doesn’t feel new anymore. You’ll begin to adjust to these changes and do them naturally. Ultimately, your efforts will make you a happier and healthier person if you give it a little time and thought.


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5 Ways to Have a Really Good Morning

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