5 Realistic Alternatives to Christmas & Chill

5 Realistic Alternatives to Christmas & Chill

Posted by Rachel Morris on December 23, 2015
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Ariana Grande just dropped her fabulous Christmas & Chill EP. Its seasonal beats are insanely catchy and perfect for year-round listening. Unfortunately, the EP is not single-lady friendly. Every track is – well, about Christmas & Chill. For those of us without a beloved to serenade, here are five realistic alternative activities you can do while enjoying the holiday season and the new EP.

1. Christmas & Dance

The most fun way to burn calories, work out frustration, and gain an immediate confidence boost is a solo bedroom dance party! Blast these tunes while you dance around in your favorite ugly Christmas sweater and reindeer slippers. Bonus points for lip-syncing in the mirror while you try to bust a move. Maybe Ariana will pick up your choreography for her next MV.

2. Christmas & Party

Introduce a new holiday party drinking game. Completely doable with non-alcoholic holiday beverages as well. Drink every time the lyrics mention a significant other. Who knows? You might get a new boo by the end of the evening!

3. Christmas & Work

Finish your last-minute holiday workload. Step one: Put December on repeat. Step two: Become a magical being capable of doing ten times your normal workload in half the time. Music increases productivity, and the beats in December in particular will get you in the groove. You’ll be free to celebrate the holidays before you know it, absolutely care-free!

4. Christmas & Bake

Get your holiday treats taken care of by baking to the EP. It runs for about fourteen minutes total; just enough time to mix up some cookies and set them in the oven. Another great use of increased productivity thanks to music!

5. Christmas & Wrap

You’ve danced your soul out, you’ve partied past midnight, you’ve completed every assignment, and you’ve frosted your last cookie. What could possibly be left? Oh, right – Christmas itself! Blast the EP while you wrap dozens of presents with frightening speed and accuracy. With that done, you’ll finally be ready for Christmas. Curl up by the fireplace with a steaming cup of cocoa and listen to the EP as you doze off into a well-earned nap.


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5 Realistic Alternatives to Christmas & Chill

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