5 New Things To Try In 2016

Some people are so concerned with anxiety-inducing new years resolutions come the turn of the year that they forget that there are so many other great things the new year has to offer! And yes, we understand time is linear and a social construct, but that won’t stop us from treating the new year like a fresh start. Let the new year be your blank canvas, and paint a picture of your life you’ve always wanted to see! New years resolutions can be important, but take some time this new year to maybe try a new class (be it cooking, dancing, fitness, etc.), pick up a new hobby, or maybe try something as simple as getting a new haircut. If you haven’t any ideas of your own, here are 5 new things to try that we’ve picked out, in all things food, beauty, fitness and tech. Time to start filling up that blank slate of yours!


1. Eating meditation

This is just mindful eating. It’s eating slower and focusing on the act of eating and the details of the meal more (for example, how does it smell? What does it look like? What does it taste like? What kind of texture does it have?) It makes eating into a bigger deal, and so you’ll come to appreciate it more, and maybe even savour your food more. It’s also supposed to help you stop overeating and help you in any other meditation you may do throughout the day. Try it out for a meal, see how you like it!


2. Doonya

This is the new fitness craze like Zumba! Doonya is super fun, high energy Bollywood dancing classes, and they’re only going to become more popular in 2016. A quick internet search should provide results for Doonya classes around you, but if you can’t find any, there are DVDs you can purchase online and practice in the safety of your own home (though Doonya classes are all about having fun, not necessarily about skill or judgement).


3. Going Bra-Free

This was a thing in the 90s and was considered stylish and acceptable. It disappeared a bit in the early 2000s, but we’re bringin’ it back, thankfully. According to a 15 year study conducted by a french professor by the name of Jean-Denis Rouillon, wearing a bra does nothing to prevent sagging breasts and might actually increase gravity’s pull on your girls! So yeah, if you see a few bra-burning riots in the new year, you’ll know why.


4. Strobing

This makeup trend is only relatively new, but it’s really catching on now. Strobing is simply using a shimmering highlighter on the places where your bone structure is most defined, like cheeks, brow bones, nose, etc. in place of contouring. It’s the lazy woman’s best friend in makeup, and offers an almost effortless, fresh, natural and glowing look. Get rid of all the heavy stuff and try it out for a change!


5. Happn

This is a new dating app that uses your location to determine who’ve you crossed paths with in a day who also has the app on their mobile device. So, for instance, if you spot a cute guy in a coffee shop but miss your chance to say hello, fear not! If he also happens to have Happn (see what I did there?) on his phone, his profile will be suggested to you! Best part is, where you met will be the perfect ice breaker. You can both complain about that barista that never spells your names right.

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