5 DIY Gift Ideas to Show Love and Appreciation

5 DIY Gift Ideas to Show Love and Appreciation

Posted by Nina Simons on November 26, 2019
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Finding a perfect gift for a special someone in your life is never easy. A good gift is the one that shows how much you care about the person to the extent that you know what they like and what defines them.

At times, you will be successful, and find a perfect bounce back gift for a dear friend going through a breakup.

And sometimes, when you want to show your love and appreciation, what’s offered in stores just won’t seem personal enough to fit your gift ideas. When you need something that is not only unique but is actually one of a kind, the only option is to craft your own and infuse it with love.

DIY gifts can be a wonderful expression of affection, and perfect for any occasion. Here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Pull-Out Photo Album

Whether it’s your mom you want to spoil with appreciation, your kid turning 21, or your significant other you want to surprise for Valentine’s day, a pull-out photo album is a gift they’ll cherish and keep forever as a recollection of the great times you’ve spent together.

This gift is not difficult to make, even for those who don’t consider themselves crafty.

You’ll need a wooden photo box with a lid and a heavy card stock which you will cut to fit inside of the box, and then using a ruler and a pencil mark and precisely fold. Make a selection of a few photos showing your happiest moments together, which will bring a smile on their face, and glue them to the center of each card-stock square. Use hot-glue to place a ribbon at the back of the top square, and glue the backside of the bottom square to the bottom of the box. Allow enough time for photos and ribbon to dry out.

2. A Hand-Made Deodorant

If your special someone is into a healthy and active living they would know how to appreciate a hand-made natural deodorant you’ve crafted for them.

Natural deodorants are truly worth all the hype around them – after all, they don’t make pores clog and are most often allergy-free as they contain no perfumes, gluten or aluminum. Most natural deodorants are made out of baking soda, essential oils, and contain ingredients that are really beneficial to the skin, such as shea butter or coconut oil. You can find many great receipts online, so choose the one you think they’ll love the most. You can add an extra touch by making deodorant bars in a heart-shaped mold, and packing them into a glass jar.

3. A Memory Box

When gifted to a close and dear person, a memory box can turn into their treasure chest, as they can use it to stash away all their precious belongings.

Start with finding an appropriate box.

You can either order a personalized one online or use your skills to hand-paint the one you’ve purchased in a store or decorate the cover with photos or artwork which you think that the recipient will like.

Inside of the box, you can place the items associated with the fond memories you share – be it their favorite poem, your inside jokes, a ticket to the concert you went to together, or a toy they loved as a child.

Include some other things they either love or need inside the box too – favorite candy bars, a pair of new socks, a book they want to read, or whatever you think will make them happy.

4. Lovely Coasters

For a quick and inexpensive gift, but still crafted with love, you can make a set of coasters that can be used on a daily basis.

What you need are white bathroom tiles, some spray paint, and vinyl for a stencil. You’ll also need a printed out pattern, such as chevron for example, as well as polyacrylic or decoupage spray paint and some felt circles.

You should print out the design of your choice on sticker paper, and use an Exacto knife to cut it out.

Stick the cut-outs to the tile, and spray a thin coat of spray paint on top of the stencil. Allow 5 minutes to dry, and then spray it once more to make sure you’ve covered all the edges.

After another 5 minutes, peel of the paper slowly, and leave the tiles to dry completely for about an hour. All that is left is to seal the paint with decoupage or polyacrylic spray.

After the spray is dry, attach the felt circles to each corner, so that the tiles don’t scratch the table surface.

5. A Bubble Bath Gift Set

If you’re looking for a really special gift for a romantic occasion, think along the lines of creating memories you both will cherish.

Nothing can compare to a joyful evening you will spend together, so in addition to a romantic dinner for two, make a box filled with everything you need for a relaxing bath – a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, bath salts or a bath bomb, a set of candles and matches, massage oils, or anything you think might add to the atmosphere and make your evening more enjoyable.

Use some crinkle cut craft paper to fill the empty space, and add some leaves or flowers.

There is a perfect gift for everyone you hold dear, and with some skills and imagination, you can craft something they’ll always remember.


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5 DIY Gift Ideas to Show Love and Appreciation

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