5 Creative Ways to Unfriend Your Ex

The internet and social media can be great. It can also be a bit poisonous and get the best of us sometimes. One of the negative aspects of this social media age is when you go through a breakup. Not only do you have to do it IRL, but also online.

It’s one thing to distance yourself from your ex—you can even move across the country—but if you stay friends on social media sites, they’re really not gone. You’re left to your own devices after a few vodka sodas to peruse Instagram or Facebook freely, check up on  your exes life, and go stalking away. It doesn’t feel great, it can be consuming, and it doesn’t allow you to properly move on. That’s why eventually you have to bite the bullet and do it—you have to unfriend them.

We know this is hard, so why not try to have a bit of fun with it and do it in a more creative way rather than over a pint of ice cream while watching Netflix? Here are 5 creative ways to get you ready to click that “unfriend” button.


  1. Reward yourself

It’s in most human nature that we’re more likely to do something if there is something in it for us in the end. While there is something in it for you to unfriend your ex (like your own mental health), it’s still not as obvious as an actual gift to yourself. What’s something you’ve been wanting for a while? A new handbag, a pricey dress, or shoes, perhaps? While these are all material items, you can tie this reward to anything that you really want but otherwise wouldn’t treat yourself to. And you earned it.


  1. Throw a party & make your friends do it

Just like it’s hard to hit that “send” button on a risky (or risqué) text, it’s also hard to tap that “unfriend” button because of the finality of it. Maybe you just can’t bring yourself to do the unfriending—so why not bring together a bunch of your pals with some vino, music, appetizers and let one of them do the honors for you?! We’re sure they’ll be more than willing. Maybe you want it to be the front & center part of the party with celebrations afterwards, or hand your phone over to them to hold onto during the fiesta to do at some point throughout that you’re unaware of. Either way, by the end of the party you’ll have had a fun time, gotten your mind off things, and the unfriending will be finished!


  1. Take a trip to a perfect “unfriending” spot

Maybe you want to go on a hike and hit that sweet, sweet “unfriend” button at the highest peak, or do it in the air on a plane to somewhere fun (as long as you have WiFi), or maybe walk to the closest dumpster to do it. Where is a place that’ll make you feel good about this unfriending decision, and maybe to create more fond memories at? Go there, unfriend, and prosper.


  1. Recite a poem out loud as you do it

It could go something like this: “Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re a dumb cheater, so I’m unfriending you.” BOOM. Make up your own poem, find one online that’s appropriate, or listen to one read aloud—any way you do it, make sure to do the unfriending by the end of the last line.


  1. Get your pet to do it

Ok, this one might be the most challenging, but who doesn’t like a challenge now and then?! Bring up your ex’s social media profile on your phone, call Fido over and teach him to tap his paw (as long as Fido isn’t a Saint Bernard) or nose on the screen for a treat. Fido gets a bone, and you get your social media freedom. Win-win.

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