34 Reasons You’re Better Off Alone

34 Reasons You’re Better Off Alone

Posted by Cassie Ciopryna on November 6, 2017
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Sometimes you just need to know that your breakup happened, and stop focusing on all the negative things that you’re feeling afterwards. Don’t worry guys and gals—we’ve got you. Having a hard time thinking of the bright side? Well here you go: Below are 34 reasons you’re better off without ‘em.

  1. Whole bed to yourself. Sleep diagonal all night!
  2. Those leftovers from dinner? They’ll still be in the fridge when you want them the next day.
  3. More shelf space in the shower for your 4 different shampoos and 7 bottles of conditioner.
  4. You can use all the throw pillows you want without hearing shit.
  5. No need to share popcorn while watching a movie.
  6. Be a blanket hog all you want.
  7. Drink that whole bottle of wine.
  8. Vibrators just get the job done faster.
  9. Nicholas Sparks sob fest night? Go right ahead.
  10. Girl’s night out, without constantly checking your phone.
  11. You’re allowed to make out with random men at the bar.
  12. That cute Starbucks barista you order from every day? You can finally slip him your number.
  13. Wear that cute skirt that he didn’t like. Some men just don’t understand fashion. (Hopefully you still wore it while you were together, too).
  14. Just think of all the money you can earn by selling those old gifts on NLIA!
  15. Snoring.
  16. You always want to look at your single friends’ Tinder. Now you can make your own.
  17. Spa day.
  18. You can shave, wax, pluck and all with the bathroom door open, at any time of day!
  19. Using the toilet with the door open is acceptable and welcomed (Unless you live with a roommate, then things might get weird).
  20. Eat all the spicy food you want.
  21. No more questions of “how’d you meet,” “when are you taking it to the next level,” blah blah blah…
  22. Don’t feel like getting out of bed all day? Don’t.
  23. Ice cream is totally acceptable for dinner.
  24. Ladies’ brunch.
  25. No parents to talk to except your own.
  26. Less money spent on presents! Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day…buy yourself an extra gift.
  27. You want to listen to show tunes in the car? Then you LISTEN to those show tunes and sing along, girl.
  28. You don’t have to pretend you like his friends anymore.
  29. Move to the part of town you’ve had an eye on. Your only commute is going to work!
  30. Friend makes last minute plans? Well, you’re free.
  31. First dates are fun.
  32. Now you can take a vacation to where you really want to go. No one has to agree on the location with you.
  33. Feel free to move cross-country, or cross-town, or across the world, if you want!
  34. Wear the same pair of leggings all weekend with no judgment or anyone even knowing, really.

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34 Reasons You’re Better Off Alone

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