3 Reasons You Should Be Hooking Up On Holidays

You might not give much thought to when and where you’re hooking up because your mind and body are a bit… preoccupied. But, in your downtime, you might sit and wonder how you can spice up your dull sex life. I’m here to tell you that hooking up on the holidays could be just the answer to your SOS.


Studies show that the winter season is the most popular time for conception, but why should we limit ourselves to hooking up on Thanksgiving and Christmas break? For example, Mardi Gras appears to get people in the mood, being the eighth most popular holiday for conception. In fact, one of our beloved July holidays, Independence Day, is also a great time to fool around. Switch things up by joining the 75% of Americans who have rung in 4th of July fireworks with a bang. Turns out, freedom really gets people in the mood; check out some more sexy stats on the 4th to the right ->

Not convinced that holiday hookups are for you? Here are three reasons you should hop on the bandwagon during the next holiday.

Holiday sex can be eye-opening: Each holiday has its own unique traditions that can allow you to be creative inside (or outside) of the bedroom. Whether you’re opening up a gift on Christmas morning, or enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner on Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of ways to use the holiday to explore more adventurous sex. Exchanging presents on Christmas could give you an idea for a sexy gift you both can enjoy, or a romantic dinner could transition to dessert in the bedroom. Remember; allow yourself to be open-minded and understanding.


It can bring you and your partner closer together: Lots of couples fall into the same routine and lose their desire to be intimate altogether, but hooking up on holidays can improve communication and rekindle the flame. After spending a long day with your partner, friends, and family, make an effort to be physically or romantically close. Cuddle up at night and express your appreciation for them having spent the holiday with you with a long talk or a deep massage.

It can be a stress-reliever: Sex is proven to ease certain symptoms of stress like headaches, high blood pressure, and lack of sleep– all of which we can agree come from spending a full day around friends, family, and chaos. Wrapping up the day by making love to your partner can not only improve your mood, but also your satisfaction in the relationship itself. Feeling on edge after a busy holiday weekend? Relieve that tension with your partner on Sunday night, one of the most popular days to have sex, or even the next morning.

Next holiday, take some of these facts and consider stepping out of your comfort zone. Be creative, be compassionate, but most importantly: be safe.









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