13 Tips for Planning the Perfect (Painless) Bachelorette Party

13 Tips for Planning the Perfect (Painless) Bachelorette Party

Posted by Kacey on March 15, 2020
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Planning a bachelorette party used to be up to the maid of honor, but brides often prefer to help plan it too. You may want to monitor the budget or avoid specific themes or activities, so it’s okay to take the reins.

Still, putting together an extra party in addition to your wedding can feel stressful. Read on to learn 13 tips for planning a perfect and painless bachelorette party. Whether it’s for you or your bridal best friend, you’ll throw a fun soiree everyone will love.

1. Communicate About Everything

If you’re not the bride, you should always disclose your plans with her. The celebration is all about making her feel special, so communicate your progress and ask what she prefers.

2. Decide on a Budget

Budgeting is tedious but necessary. Everyone will want to know how much money to save at least a few weeks before the event. It’s smart to stick with a smaller budget if possible so that no one will feel stressed about their spending or feel like they have to decline the invitation.

3. Consider a Trip

You can always hang out at home for a bachelorette party, but many brides want to travel somewhere new. Research vacation destinations and pick out some popular options for the lucky lady to flip through. A beach getaway or cozy cabin could be a great way to have extra special fun together.

4. Ask for Guest Suggestions

When you’re planning the bachelorette party, you’ll be in charge of the guest list. Write down who you think the bride will want to attend and ask for her suggestions. She may want to add family members you hadn’t thought about or friends that didn’t immediately come to mind.

5. Coordinate a Date

Next, you’ll need to pick a date that works with all or most of the guests. You can do this before sending invitations when you use a calendar app — such as Google Calendar— to send an instant invite and get feedback. This step ensures the essential attendees can make the party before you pay for postage.

6. List a Few Activities

During the bachelorette party, there are usually a few activities everyone can do. You might want to browse bridal games online or come up with something on your own. The hipster bride, for instance, may love a scavenger hunt or attending a physic reading. The wild-at-heart bride, on the other hand, may prefer paint balling or horseback riding.

7. Pick a Hashtag

Hashtags make it easy to locate all the bachelorette party photos that get posted to social media. Designate a hashtag and include it on the invitation so that everyone knows how to help you and the bride find the pictures after the party.

8. Design the Invitations

Bachelorette parties get separate invitations because you don’t want everyone invited to the ceremony to show up. Have fun designing cards online or create them by hand if you’re a talented artist. For instance, you can get a personalized rubber stamp or add beautiful watercolor paints.

9. Plan to Relax

It’s tempting to plan out every minute of the party, especially if you’re going away for a long weekend. However, you should leave time to relax. Free time gives you the option to sleep in late or let activities run over so that no one feels rushed.

10. Match Your Outfits

Guests like to match at bachelorette parties for the pictures they take. Look for matching tank tops, dresses or accessories to play with this trend and choose something everyone will enjoy wearing.

11. Avoid Mentioning Gifts

Bachelorette parties don’t require gifts, so try not to mention them to ensure no one feels pressured to bring something along.

12. Think About Transportation

Going out on the town for the night or traveling away from home? Schedule a form of shared transportation so that no one gets lost or separated from the group.

13. Feel Free to Ask

Always feel free to ask what the bride’s comfortable with or what she doesn’t like. It’s better to know if something will work upfront rather than discover the party isn’t fun once it starts.

Start Planning Early for Your Bachelorette Party

Anyone can plan a perfect and painless bachelorette party if you start planning early and take your time. Use these tips to guide the process, and everyone will have a great time.


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13 Tips for Planning the Perfect (Painless) Bachelorette Party

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