10 Ways to Feel Happier in 5 Minutes or Less

We’ve all encountered annoyance throughout our day. Maybe you forget to send an important email or spilled a fresh cup of coffee, or you’re upset for other reasons. In any case, don’t worry — you can handle these slight hiccups and move forward. Even better, you can do so in no time at all.


Look at these 10 ways to feel happier in five minutes or less.


1. Jump up and Dance


It’s time to get out of your chair and dance. Do a little groove on your way to the kitchen. Shimmy your shoulders as you wash your hands. These movements are small, but they make a big difference. Try not to feel embarrassed. We’ve all performed choreographed steps in our bedrooms.


2. Go for a Walk


There’s no better way to perk up than with a walk. Take a stroll around the block or bring your dog along on a hike. No matter what, exercise can help us feel energized and ready to take on the day. You can head outside at lunchtime, too — a break from the office can be super beneficial.


3. Listen to Your Favorite Song


Whether you love a fun pop jam or prefer an electronic beat, your favorite song can trigger peaceful emotions. Listen to a familiar high-tempo sound that boosts your mood. If you’re especially down, sad and slow tracks may be the better option — who knew?


4. Eat a Snack


Did you know that a healthy bite can refresh your brain? After all, many of us act differently when we’re hungry. Take a moment to grab a granola bar or piece of fruit. You can always choose a square of chocolate, too. It’s called comfort food for a reason, right?


5. Compliment a Stranger


When you tell someone you like their sweater, everyone involved responds well. They feel a renewed sense of confidence, while you show you’re kind and generous. It’s a win-win situation. Show that stylish stranger a little love when you pass them on the sidewalk.


6. Text a Loved One


Pick up your phone and send a message to a friend or family member. Let them know you appreciate and cherish them. Make this text as sweet and sappy as you want. It’s important to let your loved ones know they’re special. When they feel adored, you will, too.


7. Don’t Forget to Smile


Here’s another way to boost your mood: Take a second and smile. Beam as big as you can and show off those pearly whites. When people smile, they can quickly de-stress and generate positivity — even when they do it for no reason. Whether you’re alone or in a crowded room, go ahead and grin.


8. Look at Cute Animals


When your co-worker ends her emails with a gif of a tiny kitten, you probably want to squeal with joy. You’re not alone, either. People feel an endless amount of happiness whenever they see similar photos. In other words, we’re obsessed with cute animals. Head to Google and search “baby goats” — you won’t regret it.


9. Treat Yourself


Sometimes, retail therapy works wonders. Buy a special pair of shoes or get your hair done. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, either. A new coffee mug can make your mornings that much brighter. A quick purchase can be the pick-me-up you need to finish out your day.


10. Make Plans


Offer to buy your friend a coffee or arrange a dinner date with your partner. Even plans that won’t happen for weeks spark happy thoughts. When there’s a fun event on the horizon, it’s hard not to feel a sense of excitement. It’s also enjoyable to catch up with others and forget about life for a moment.


Use These Simple Tips to Boost Your Mood


Whenever you’re frustrated or sad, try out one of these tips. You’ll feel much happier in no time.

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