10 Fun Ideas To Surprise Your Man

When we are in love, we want constantly to show that love by doing something for our partner or by surprising him or her with something they love, just like that, for no particular reason. But as time goes by, it might seem that we have run out of some fun and fantastic ways to surprise our partner. However, we must try really hard to think of some new and exciting ways to surprise our partner to show our love. Making an effort and doing little things is the key to long-lasting and happy relationships and marriages.

1.  Puzzling treasure hunt

One of the fun ways to surprise your man is definitely by organising a treasure hunt. Think about some clever cues you can put on paper and hide some small presents around your home. Have your significant other read one clue at a time and try to figure out where the present is hidden. Then, when he finds the present, have another clue for him. This is a fun and engaging activity your boyfriend is sure to enjoy. The presents can be his favourite sweets, chocolate bars, his favorite personal care item (even deodorants) – basically anything he loves.

2.  Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed is certainly on the list of ‘ways to surprise your man’. I mean, who doesn’t like breakfast in bed?! So, have your alarm clock wake you up before your man, get down to the kitchen and get to work. Prepare some typical breakfast with eggs and bacon, cheese, tomatoes and freshly baked bread. Arrange it all on a bed tray together with a freshly-squeezed orange juice, coffee and a nicely-smelling flower. Your man is going to love being woken up by the smell of a home-cooked breakfast.

3.  It’s game-time

Wondering how to surprise your partner even if you’ve been together literally forever? Well, if your boyfriend is a sports fan then this should be easy – get him season tickets or a ticket to an important upcoming game. If you can, choose some good seats he would choose. A nice gesture such as this one will definitely surprise him. Also, if he is a music fan or a stand-up comedy fan, you could get him the tickets to some concerts or shows. The mere fact that you know what he likes is a loving gesture by itself.

4.  A box filled with sweets

Everybody loves chocolate. So, why not make it part of a surprise? A thoughtful surprise for your boyfriend could be a heart-shaped box filled with rich-tasting chocolate in different shapes, sizes and tastes. After all, you can never miss with edible gifts, everybody loves these! Moreover, you can put in a small love note as well or a picture of the two of you sharing a special moment, to make it even cuter.

5.  An old-fashioned romantic candle-lit dinner

Some classics are classics for a reason. If you are a good cook, get busy and prepare a few-course dinner in a candle-lit room, with some romantic music on. Have this image waiting for your man when he comes from a long and tiring day from work, and the surprise is inevitable. Your man will be delighted! However, if you’re not such a good cook, you could easily order in or you can take your man out for dinner to a romantic restaurant. Your treat, of course!

6.  A relaxing massage

As women tend to love massages, so the men, too. So, surprise your man by giving him a full-body massage. Watch a few YT videos on the types of massages and the correct ways to do them, get some essential oils, put on some light, relaxing music, dim the lights and get busy.

7.  A ‘no reason’ present

One more thing literally everybody loves is getting a present for no reason! Think about what would surprise your boyfriend the most. Is it some new gadget, a phone mask, a headset? Make sure to find out, buy it in a shop or order it online, wrap it up nicely and hand it to your man.

8.  Time for an adventure

One of the best and most effective ways to surprise your boyfriend is definitely by planning a trip together. You have probably talked about taking a trip together somewhere, but it somehow hasn’t happened yet. Take the matter into your hands and organise the whole trip. Set up the date, just make sure that your partner fits into it as well, make a travel plan and search for the best route, research the landmarks you’re interested in, make any necessary preparations and bon voyage!

9.  A secret carwash

Like all men, your man probably adores his car. So, why don’t you surprise him by taking full care of his car? Take the car secretly and deep clean it, vacuum it and polish it to the core, wash the car seats and change the car smell. And as the cherry on top, fill the gas tank. Oh, the surprise!

10.  Cute notes

Leaving cute little notes everywhere for your man is super romantic. You can put a post-it note with a cute message in his lunch box or in the pocket of his coat. It will surely cause a sincere ear-to-ear smile. You can also leave a note on the steamed mirror while he’s taking a shower. These little and absolutely free signs show how much you love the person.


The key to successful relationships and marriages is to keep trying to find some new and fun, unusual and unique ways to surprise your partner. The surprise doesn’t always have to cost money, many of the best surprises are free or cost only a little money. Even though this is considered a cliché, but the best things truly come from the heart. When you make an effort and put some thought into someone’s present or surprise, that makes it even more special and appreciated by the person intended for. It is something they hold onto and cherish forever.




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