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Never Liked It Anyway is the place to sell your stuff, tell your stories and get back to fabulous! We like to think of it as Break-Up Bootcamp. Ready? It's time to #ownyourawesome


Order for Delivery, Please

All the Starbucks lovers out there have to pumped after this week’s news of delivery services coming by next year. Now, this service may not be getting a Venti-two pump-add shot-upside down Caramel Macchiato, or whatever incredibly difficult drink you may like to order (yet, that is to come)—but hey, it’s a start. The Seattle […]

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Hot Workout Alert: High Intensity Interval Training

There is nothing better than sweating out all that bad mojo at the gym, especially when you’ve got a bunch of haters pumping you up in your head (their negative comments are waaay better than a five-hour energy drink!). But what about on the days when you don’t feel like punching someone in the face, […]

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The New Heroes Of Love

It’s not unusual to sit through a few breakups on a television show before your favorite character finds their soul mate, but even with this expectation, this can make the series emotionally exhausting. Plus, it might start imitating your life, and that is an unnecessary walk down memory lane involving possible tears and junk food. […]

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Coffee with Music Producer Abril Amelie

This week, we got to chat to the up and coming Music Producer Abril Amelie. Abril’s passion has always been for music and helping grow artists to where she thinks they should be. Her managerial skills came through growing up, where she’d manage her friends and help them flourish. She’s now taking her talents to […]

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Short Month, Short Men

February has almost come to a close, and as the shortest month of the year, it has definitely come and gone rather quickly. But this short month has its perks (long weekend during President’s Day for most of us, and Valentine’s Day can be fun whether you are in a relationship or single!) and jumps […]

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Stop Wallowing, Start Giving

After a breakup, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut. And to wallow in that rut and not know the way out. I sat down with entrepreneur and the brains behind Parachute, Ariel Kaye. Her company makes a range of gorgeous sheets and home decor, all made in Italy – and made without any […]

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7 Guys You See At the Gym That Remind You of an Ex

We’ve all been at the gym (especially with this overly crowded time of year) and noticed types of men that remind us of maybe not so great types we’ve dated in the past. Here’s our list of guys we need to remind ourselves: Never. Again. Hot Trainer Guy: Somehow he seems to only have attractive […]

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Coffee With Make-Up Artist Angelique Velez

This week, I chatted to the extraordinary, talented and visionary Angelique Velez. She started her business Breakups to Makeup in June 2013 to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art.  She believes that makeup is as a creative outlet to those that apply it and […]

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Valentine’s Gift Fails

So, the big day of love has come and gone and in its wake, left a trail of gifts. Some fabulous. Some horrendous. If you got chocolates and roses, you probably didn’t run into too much trouble on the holiday, but even playing it safe can be a bad call if you’re not read-up on your […]

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Valentine’s Day Revamped

Red hearts, flying half- naked babies, candy in pink wrappers, lacy push-up bras… when did Valentine’s Day become such a yawn-fest. Here’s 5 ways to keep it fresh this year with these underrated alternatives to the usual Valentine’s Day. 1. Ditch the overrated reservations for a home cooked meal for two. There are countless reasons why this […]

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Crazy Chocolates To Shake Up Valentine’s Day

There is a game show in Japan where celebrities are placed in a room full of everyday objects and have to guess which objects are actually made of chocolate…using their mouths. If you think that sounds like something you wouldn’t do, how sick are you of receiving that heart-shaped box of bonbons on Valentine’s Day? […]

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Umm…Thanks: Chocolate Buttholes

This Vday, when your significant other tells you “I want some of that ass tonight,” you can almost literally give it to them. In chocolate form. What’s better than that? Sadly, we’re not joking. At Edible Anus, you can send your bf, bff, ex, or basically whoever you want a chocolate mold of your butthole […]

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