Which Form of Group Exercise Fits Your Personality Type?

Which Form of Group Exercise Fits Your Personality Type?

Posted by Dylan Bartlett on October 3, 2019
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Group fitness offers a host of benefits. You can meet new friends who share your passion and commitment to health. You improve your cardiovascular endurance and mental outlook. However, choosing the wrong program often results in frustration.

Before you hang up your tennis shoes, rewrite that classic cliché — if at first you don’t succeed, try something different! Give thought to your personality type and consider all the different forms of group exercise out there. Check out the seven types below!

1. Dance

Whether you want to drip with sweat or simply get your groove on, dance offers a fabulous path to fitness. You can shake things up with an energizing Zumba or Pound class. Or try a LaBlast class inspired by celebrity instructor Louis van Amstel if you adore classic dances like salsa and disco.

Dance workouts engage extroverts and introverts alike. If you want to break out of your shell, opt for this style of group fitness. You may feel inspired to step up and get certified to lead a class! That’s a big step for an otherwise shy person.

2. Cycling

If you truly want to sweat it up without the jumping and jarring of high-impact aerobics, look no further than your local spin class. Cycling marries high-intensity without the stress on your joints sports like basketball entail.

You can also control how vigorously you work by adjusting the gauge on your cycle. If you want to blast your quads and hamstrings, tighten the dial as if you’re pedaling up a steep slope. When you need a break, simply turn down the intensity. This is a great exercise for people who like a group, but like to keep to themselves as well.

3. KB

Do you love hitting the weight room but need a break from your typical Schwartzenneger-like routine? Why not take a kettlebell class? Kettlebells, or KBs, offer the ideal way to build muscle while enjoying the camaraderie group fitness offers.

Even though KBs offer resistance training, they get your heart rate up, too. Many classes incorporate full-body movements like squats combined with overhead presses. Marry cardio and strength with socializing, and you’ll hardly know you’re sweating it up big time.


Short bursts of high energy coupled with frequent rest breaks? If you say, “yes, please,” then HIIT might be your group fitness jam. HIIT classes improve your endurance while also building strength. If you’re a super enthusiastic, ready-to-rumble kind of person, HIIT might be for you.

That said, you’ll need a hardy constitution to tackle this class — the intensity intervals make your heart apt to burst through your chest. But if you want to shred fat while having a blast, give HIIT a try.

5. Cardio Kickboxing

If you’re a competitive, sociable person with a love for MMA, you might see the appeal in cardio kickboxing. It’s a fun outlet to relieve your stress and make new friends with similar interests.

Best of all, you’ll jab and hook your way to ripped biceps and triceps. You can check your hostility at the door and leave feeling calm and well-adjusted.

6. Yoga

When many people think of yoga, they think of mild exercise coupled with chanting, “Om.” And certainly, some classes fit this model. But if you enjoy more vigorous workouts, the Astanga or Bikram styles fit the bill nicely.

If you do appreciate a gentler group fitness experience, opt for Kripalu or Yin-yoga. Kripalu focuses more on spirituality than physical movement. The Yin form introduces you to challenging poses, or asanas, but lets you hold them for a longer time.

Low-energy, reserved personalities will likely enjoy yoga as a form of group exercise. It’s a slow, steady way to get into shape and alleviate tension.

7. Chair-Based Training

You can still get into group fitness if you have a physical disability. You’ll enjoy the social aspects and reap the health benefits with classes designed for people with certain challenges. Even if you have limited mobility or difficulty moving, you can engage in cardiovascular exercise and strengthen your arms.

If you’ve reached your sunset years, classes like Silver Sneakers incorporate chairs to help you balance and let you take a break when needed. Many community recreation centers offer mobility classes and more for people with handicaps. And you can’t top the mental benefits, especially since chronic illnesses and other health conditions tend to isolate people. You’ll meet new friends who truly “get it.”

Choosing the Best Group Fitness Program for Your Unique Personality

Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level or just enjoy socializing with others who share your interests, you can find the perfect group fitness class for your personality. If you’re looking for a new way to shake up your workout routine, give one of the classes above a try.


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Which Form of Group Exercise Fits Your Personality Type?

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